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NOV 19, 8:45 pm.




dir. Irit Shamgar (2008, 53') Poland/Israel
Hebrew/Polish with English subtitles

DIRECTION: Irit Shamgar
SCRIPT: Irit Shamgar
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Yossef Wein, Tomasz Tarnawski
EDITING: Era Lapid, Maurice Maman
SOUND: Alex Claud
PRODUCED BY: Transfax Film Productions
PRODUCERS: Marek Rozenbaum, Andrzej Titkow, Irit Shamgar, Itai Tamir


A wave of anti-Semitism forced members of the Polish communist elite, who barely considered themselves Jewish, to emigrate in 1968. Most went to Sweden, Denmark, France, U.S. and Canada, and some to Israel - but before they left, they spent their last weeks there crowded into a lake house in a small village by Dluzek Lake on the outskirts of Mazury, Poland's lake district, the home of filmmaker Irit Shamgar's father Stanislaw Brodzki.. Now, in this intimate film, Israeli director visits her late father's closest friends - prominent Warsaw journalists and ardent Communists who were among the Jews that Gomulka's Poland expelled. Although many describe themselves as "being from nowhere," the gorgeous cinematography in Lake 68 helps us understand why the lake is the nearest thing they have to home. They have been meeting here until today, bringing in new generations of their families, often the immigrant ones.