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NOV 15, 5:00 pm. ALLERY THEATRE  




dir. Borys Lankosz (2008, 50') Poland
in Polish with English subtitles

DIRECTION: Borys Lankosz
Andzej Bart
MUSIC: El¿bieta Tyszecka
EDITING: Wojciech Anuszczyk
Jerzy Wiaderkiewicz
PRODUCED: Fargo Film Group, TVP
PRODUCER: Beata Bart


In October of 1941 first transport of Jews from Western Europe had arrived at the Radegast station. Between that date and August 29th of 1944 Germans had sent 250 thousand Jews to death camps in Chelmno and Auschwitz. The Borys Lankosz's documentary is a story about so called "inteligencia": lawyers, doctors, professors, philosphers, writers. All were forced to relocate to the Lodz's ghetto from Prague, Vienna, Frankfurt where two worlds had collided: the aristocracy and intelligencia of the western Jews with the eastern Jews' working class. With a terrifying cold the eye witnesses to the events describe the terror of the ghetto's every-day life where what has been left after 250 thousand people are burnt bones and unsent post cards. Using modern and old photographs, reports and authentic speeches of Chaim Rumkowski, the Lodz ghetto Judenrat leader (played by an actor), authors of the film are trying to gain an insight into a tragic reality of that time.