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NOV 19, 7:00 pm. ALLERY THEATRE  




dir. Andrzej Fidyk (2008, 82') Poland/Norway
Korean with English subtitles

DIRECTION: Andrzej Fidyk
SCRIPT: Andrzej Fidyk, Torstein Grude
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Tore Vollan, Torstein Grude
MUSIC: Kyoung Chan Cha, Bartłomiej Woźniak
EDITING: Jan Mikołaj Mironowicz
Studio Segment - Bartłomiej Woźniak, Michał Wróblewski
PRODUCED: Piraya Film
PRODUCERS: Torstein Grude


The title of this important documentary refers to the little known but hellish Yodok concentration camp in North Korea. Filmmaker Andrzej Fidyk interviews former prisoners who escaped Yodok and then made the harrowing journey from North to South Korea, usually forced to leave behind their families and friends to inevitable executions. The film is centered around the making of a musical about Yodok, in an attempt to help spread awareness of the atrocities and help those involved cope with life after internment. First person accounts telling of the vile treatment of human beings in Yodok and the Medieval standard of life in North Korea, are enough to shock and outrage anyone unaware of the current situation. Fidyk doesn't cheapen the seriousness of the topic with stylish elaboration, but rather calmly shows straight interviews of people describing their relatively recent experiences. An important film whose story needs to be told, especially in a day and age when we tend to look at holocausts as a thing of the past.