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Opening Night Screening

2006, 103 min., Poland
Jan Jakub Kolski
Jan Jakub Kolski
Krzysztof Ptak, P.S.C.
Zygmunt Konieczny
Witold Chomiński
Joanna Doroszkiewicz
MS Films
Michal Szczerbic
Janusz Gajos (Brother Sanitas), Grazyna Blecka-Kolska (Natasha), Wiktoria Gosiewska (Gienia), Adam Ferency (Prior Kleofas), Krzysztof Pieczynski (Brother Birdcherry)

JASMINUM (a Latin word for jasmine) is Kolski's eleventh feature film.
The plot is set in a monastery in our times. Apart from Prior Kleofas and Brother Sanitas, three other monks who reside there have their own particular body scents. The prior is dead bent on finding portents of the soon-to-come fulfillment of Prophet Barnabas' prophecy while Brethren Plum, Cherry and Birdcherry issue body odors, each one according to his name. One day a young art restorer Natasha arrives to the monastery, commissioned for a conservation of the sacred paintings. She brings in her five year old daughter Gienia whose charm and inquiring mind wreak havoc in the monks' monotonous life. And there starts a mysterious and magical story filled with sensuous scents and love…


Jan Jakub Kolski
B. 1956 in Wroclaw. Director, scriptwriter, cinematographer, writer. The Lodz Film School graduate ( Cinematography Department, 1985). Made awarded documentaries including The World's Most Beautiful Cave (1982) and A Beautiful Day (1988). Wrote novel ("Breadcrumb") and short stories ("Johnny the Aquarius and other stories"). Member of the European Film Academy since 2000.


1990 The Potato Funeral (Pogrzeb kartofla), awards at the Polish Film Festivals Gdynia '92 and Lagow '93;
1992 Pograbek;
1993 Magneto, TV film;
Johnny the Aquarius (Jancio Wodnik), Jury Special Prize, Journalists'& Best Male Actor Awards at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia; Golden Teeth Award at PFFA Chicago '94; Best Film and Best Actor at the Slavic FF in Moscow; Grand Prix & Honorary Award at Young Eastern European Cinema Festival Cottbus '94 and others;
1994 A Miraculous Place (Cudowne miejsce), Best Directing & Best Dialogues at the Polish Film Festival Gdynia:
1995 Playing for a Death Angel (Grajacy z talerza), Best Script Award at the Polish Film Festival Gdynia, Jury Award at Tokyo IFF;
A Sword from the Commander (Szabla od komendanta);
1998 The Story of the Movies in Popielawy (Historia kina w Popielawach), Grand Prix & Art House Theatres Award at Gdynia; Silver Vitez at Slavic Film Festival Moscow '99, Grand Prix Geneva '99; Grand Prix at Alte Adria Cinema Festival in Triest '99;
2000 Far from a Window (Daleko od okna), Golden Reel of the Polish Filmmakers' Association '01;
2003 Pornography (Pornografia), Polish entry to the Academy Award in Foreign Language Film category;
2006 Jasminum.

Saturday, November 25, 2006 at 7:00 pm. (Portage Theatre)