P R E M I E R E __ S P O N S O R S
M E D I A __ P A R T N E R S
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Oliver Linovsky
The 29-year old, up and coming virtuoso pianist. He was compared to world's finest performers, when at the age of 20, he won the prestigious Montreal competition. However, an undeserved defeat at the Chopin Competition ruined his career. He is torn between playing for judges and critics and those who simply love music. He is ambitious, sincere, independent, searching for his place in life.


Frank Goretzky
He is a lively and full of life's vigor, retired high school math teacher. He came to Europe in 1945, as a young Polish-American, serving in the US armed forces. In Chicago, he unknowingly left his pregnant girlfriend. After her death, he did not return home and learned about his son years later. He yearns to see his family, however, he refuses to return as a "nobody". Only success at the horse races can
change this.

She is a young, sensitive and well-read, single mother. She works at the off trackbetting place. For years, she has been a friend of Frank Goretzky. It is he that introduced her to Oliver. Their acquaintance soon develops into something more.

Professor Karloff
A former pianist, he is a pedagogue and a juror of the most renowned piano competitions. Citizen of the world, he is one of the few individuals, who has the deciding factor which determines the career of the upcoming pianists. Karloff is an erudite, who loves and understands art. He seems amiable, at times even jovial, however, under the sheepskin of gentleness and cordiality, he is determined, domineering, and even cynical. Mephisto incarnate. During his encounter with Oliver, a man whose career he had previously destroyed, he reveals the firm rules of the "game", which govern the world of piano competition. In exchange for Oliver’s integrity and "artistic soul", Karloff makes Oliver an offer he cannot refuse.

Mrs. Linovsky, Oliver's Mother
She was once considered a great talent. After a crippling accident she shifted her personal ambitions to her son. She dreams of a great career for her son, a dream she herself has failed to fulfill. She is sensitive yet often ruthless and is overprotective of her son.


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