P R E M I E R E __ S P O N S O R S
M E D I A __ P A R T N E R S
... --_- --- _ . .


Oliver (Pawel Szajda), a young American of Polish descent from Chicago, is one of the world's most talented pianists. However, due to a backstage politics he is losing an important piano competition. His wife is leaving him. Totally depressed, he is breaking off his European tournee and must repay the tour organizers huge amount of money. On his journey, he meets Frank (Janusz Gajos), a flamboyant character, retired math teacher, a passionate player at the horse races. The old man dreams of returning to his native America as 'somebody,' but can only do so after wining a momentous prize. From then on, the two friends endeavor to succeed. They discover true friendship. Together they fulfill Frank's dream of winning at the horse races, which in turn allows Oliver to buy back his personal freedom. He is also able to open up to a new love...


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